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Senior Care

John C. Stennis Memorial Hospital has specialized programs for senior adults experiencing problems coping with everyday living due to anxiety, grief and/or depression. Senior Care is an intensive outpatient program that has helped many individuals. Our Senior Care program offers free assessments by a nurse in the home and transportation can be provided. Call the Senior Care location nearest to you for more information.

DeKalb, MS
Phone: (769) 486-1042

Preston, MS
Phone: (601) 677-2020 or
(601) 677-2030


Contact Us

  • Admissions
    (769) 486-1010
  • Emergency Department
    (769) 486-1022
  • Laboratory
    (769) 486-1050 or (769) 486-1046
  • Health Information
    (769) 486-1034
  • Radiology
    (769) 486-1061
  • Physical Therapy/Rehab
    (769) 486-1048
  • Referral Line
    (769) 486-1026
Senior Care - IOP - Intensive Outpatient Program

Designed to meet the needs of older individuals experiencing significant changes in their sense of well-being typically due to anxiety, depression and/or grief.

(769) 486-1042